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ParkerVision Patents

With respect to ParkerVision's product(s) being used, one or more of the following United States patents, and their foreign equivalents, which are owned by ParkerVision may apply.



6813485 Method and system for down-converting and up-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same
6804536 Wireless communications interface
6798351 Automated meter reader applications of universal frequency translation
6760916 Method, system and computer program product for producing and distributing enhanced media downstreams
6704558 Image-reject down-converter and embodiments thereof, such as the family radio service
6704549 Multi-mode, multi-band communication system
6694128 Frequency synthesizer using universal frequency translation technology
6687493 Method and circuit for down-converting a signal using a complementary FET structure for improved dynamic range
6647250 Method and system for ensuring reception of a communications signal
6580902 Frequency translation using optimized switch structures
6560301 Integrated frequency translation and selectivity with a variety of filter embodiments
6542722 Method and system for frequency up-conversion with variety of transmitter configurations
6452612 Real time video production system and method
6421534 Integrated frequency translation and selectivity
6370371 Applications of universal frequency translation
6353735 MDG method for output signal generation
6281930 System and method for controlling the field of view of a camera
6266518 Method and system for down-converting electromagnetic signals by sampling and integrating over apertures
6108035 Multi-user camera control system and method
6091940 Method and system for frequency up-conversion

Other U.S. and foreign patents and pending patent applications may also apply.